calorie & protein

target calculator

Calorie calculators are an extremely helpful tool. But, it's important to understand they're not an exact science. The reason for this is everybody is different!

This isn't to say they're a waste of time, we can get a reasonably decent estimate so we know where to begin.

The best way to understand your calorie needs is to use a calculator (like mine of course), stick to those targets for a week or two & then reassess from there if needed.

You don't need to get these exact calories every day to hit your goal - you do have room for a little flexibility if needed

Some of my clients who have quite the social life, obviously still want to enjoy their lives whilst reaching their goal

So what do we do?

We cycle their calorie goals. To do this, create yourself a weekly calorie goal (calorie target * 7)  & aim for that over a week. 

What this allows you to do is, save some calories on certain days to increase your calories on others


Somebody with a calorie target of 2000 per day may aim for 1800 Mon-Fri (5 days) giving them an extra 1000 calories to use over the weekend

I recommend you split your calories & protein targets into each meal & break it down that way, so you have a rough idea what to aim for with each meal

If you would like a  personalised calories & protein per meal guide, check out this free document I've made for you!