custom calorie targets PER MEAL GUIDE

So how is this guide going to help you?

Well apart from the basics of setting you some nutrition targets, it's also going to show you how you can reach them

You will be set a target for each meal, which makes designing your meal plan so much easier!

These are rough targets though, so don't worry if it comes out as 493 calories for breakfast.. Just aim for 500ish.. Let's not overcomplicate things!

You will also get multiple options to choose from, to help accommodate multiple different eating styles!

what do you get?

Personalised calorie target for your goal

Personalised macro targets for your goal

Calorie targets per meal based on your results

Protein targets per meal based on your results

4 different eating options for you to choose from

example guide



All you need to do is enter a few basic details and the form will do the rest!

When you open the guide, you will see this box on the right hand side, all you need to do is fill this in & let the magic of technology do the rest for you

calories per meal guide-3.png

Please note: The guide will automatically be set to 'Fat Loss', if your goal is to build muscle, please select the 'Bulking' tab at the bottom left hand side of the template