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Free 30 minute nutrition consultation

September is a huge month in the fitness industry. The kids are back at school, work has gone crazy all of a sudden and there's already a few people saying the c word...  (Christmas by the way)

Now as everyone knows, nutrition plays a HUGE role towards achieving your goals. Everybody knows kinda what they should be eating.. Yet it's still the most common downfall and support that my clients need help with most

The problem with nutrition, is most personal trainers aren't qualified in the area & are somewhat sketchy when giving advice

I'm a big foodie. So nothing is off limits with me. No fad diets & nothing unrealistic. Just tactics that work.

My degree in nutrition comes in handy occasionally too

(but mostly my love for food).

So I thought, hey. How can I help more people reach their goals this month?

FREE nutrition advice - that's how.

No gimmicks. Just Advice

The only catch? Obviously I can't do this for everybody so spaces are EXTREMELY limited and this offer will be removed once I have 10 people signed up!

So if you're interested, pop your details below & let's get booked in!

Please add 'Free  Nutrition Consultation' in your message