6 EASY fat loss habits you can start today!

The problem I find with most of my newer fat loss clients, is that they want to completely change everything they're currently doing in order to lose weight. For some (very few) this works. For most, they over complicate things, get overwhelmed and before you know it - they've given up.

The key to long term fat loss, is to start with EASY habits that will result in weight loss AND give you a confidence boost because you've managed to tick off some boxes and feel like you've achieved something. A positive mindset will go a long way and will be essential to your long term success.

So let's get cracking - here are my 6 almost fail proof fat loss tactics that will get you off to a positive start!

1. Drink a large glass of water when you wake up & before each meal


  • When we wake up, our body is naturally slightly dehydrated as your body has been using up your stores whilst sleeping

  • Whilst you're sleeping, your body is in repair mode. Obviously this is a good thing, but whilst doing this toxins are produced. Water first thing will help you to flush out these toxins from your body (why you're busting for a wee when you wake up) resulting in better health & allowing you to absorb more nutrients from your breakfast.

  • Fires up your metabolism. Although water doesn't directly cause weight loss, think of this glass of water first thing as your metabolisms alarm clock setting you up for the day.

  • Water is a natural appetite suppressant, therefore having a glass before meals can help you make better food choices & prevent overeating throughout the day.

Did you know?

Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger as it's the bodies way of ensuring we consume something. Therefore, a large glass of water when you're feeling peckish may just be enough to keep you going until your next meal!

2. Aim to get protein EVERY time you eat


  • Protein is the most filling macro-nutrient, so by getting protein with every meal will help ensure you're getting plenty of this filling nutrient helping you feel fuller for longer.

  • Often simply by aiming to get protein every time you eat will lead to you make more sensible choices. There is no protein in your mid-morning packet of crisps I'm afraid!

  • Protein is essential for your fat loss goals, by getting enough protein throughout the day you will help your body preserve your muscle mass and focus on burning fat!

3. Increase your general daily movement or NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)


  • 9/10 times for the general population, simply moving more will help you lose weight. I don't mean taking a spin class or a crazy HIIT session. I literally mean walking a little more throughout the day

  • 'I don't have time to go for a walk'. You don't specifically need to go for a walk! Getting off the bus 1 stop early, parking further away in the car park, take your dog out, never take a lift downstairs, always walk up the stairs if it's 2 floors or less, literally just doing the cleaning at home can help! Simple tactics like this can burn hundreds of calories per day - thousands per week!

4. Set non-drinking (alcohol) days


  • I very rarely advise banning alcohol for any client. People enjoy a drink from time to time, that's fine! I've found the best way to help reduce peoples drinking, is to set them a target, such as aiming for a set number of non-drinking days e.g. '5 alcohol free days' per week. To do this successfully, you must understand how many days you're currently drinking per week and try to reduce this slowly over time.

  • The reason this works, is if you have the mindset 'okay, so I'm ALLOWED to drink 1x this week, that's pretty cool, I'll save it for Friday!' rather than having the mindset of 'Ugh, I really want a drink but I'm not allowed to. F it, I'm having one anyway (Wednesday) & then drinking Friday too anyway.

5. Plan what you're going to eat a day in advance


  • Most people eat pretty well when life's running smoothly. I don't often deal with people who just eat McDonald's regularly because it's the norm. However, I do often hear 'I had a really busy day & didn't have time so I just got anything I could!'

  • By checking your diary for the next day, it's often quite easy to see where/what you'll be doing & whether food may be a problem.

  • This isn't to say you must meal prep when you're busy, but by understanding where the problem may be you can begin to plan around it. Yes, you may need to eat out - but it's a much better POA to think 'okay, well I'll be on the road but I know there is a PRET there, so let's look now & see what I can get'

  • Maybe you're going to be stuck in the office all day & can't get out to grab lunch. It's probably wise to take a snack with you so you're not ravenous by tea time & before you know it, hello deliveroo driver!

6. Limit liquid calories


  • If you're trying to lose weight, you're naturally going to be on a lower calorie diet. The likelihood is - sometimes you're going to be hungry (which is normal).

  • Do you really think your 200 calorie cappuccino or fruit juice is going to help you feel any more satisfied?

  • You're limiting your food intake, don't limit your food further by drinking your calories instead!

  • Most liquid calories can be replaced by something VERY similar with a much lower/zero calorie alternative

That's it for now - 6 simple & effective habits anybody can achieve. No Keto, detoxing, fasting, banning foods, low carb, low fat, low protein nonsense. Just simple things that work.

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