My Top 6 Muscle Building Myths - Busted

My Top 6 Muscle Building Myths - Busted

One of the biggest problems in the fitness industry, is there is too much money being made by people with little knowledge to people with very little.

But the problem they face, is they're trying to make very simple concepts sound 'sexy' so they can sell them. Like fat burning teas that make you lose weight as you sleep. Just no. Eat less - but that's not quite as easy to sell is it?

This has lead to many many myths being created.

Today we focus on the muscle building myths. Now a lot of these come from the muscle magazines trying to sell people 'the next best routine to get a beach body'

So here we go

Myth 1- More reps/sets/volume will inevitably build more muscle!

So this myth came from guys getting their routines from the muscle building magazines who were following the pro's. Unfortunately these magazines forget to remind you that THESE GUYS ARE PROS (and take a lot of drugs to support them). Remember: you want to challenge your body, not break it

Myth 2 - You gotta feel the 'burn' for it to be doing anything

Feeling the burn, is literally just a build up of lactic acid. Yes, of course you want to feel this a little as it means your taking your body to limits it needs to adapt to. But too much does NOT mean more muscle. Remember: you should train to nearly failure, not to complete failure

Myth 3 - You must use 'advanced techniques to grow'

My biggest pet hate. It literally ruins my life. Instagram & magazines have made 'advanced lifts' seem 100% necessary. They're not. Weight lifting isn't that complex. Do the basics, do them well & get stronger. I honestly believe 'advanced techniques' will likely limit your muscle growth & cause injury. Remember: a good barbell squat will beat a single leg TRX squat on a bosu ball any day.

Myth 4 - You must change your routine regularly to 'confuse the muscles'

For the body to build new muscle, you must progressively overload it (get stronger at the same exercise for example) mixing up your routine frequently will not allow you to progress your lifts Remember: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Myth 5 - The amount of weight you're lifting is the most important thing

Lads, this mostly applies to you. Nobody cares if you can bench press 100kg if you're either a) half rapping it or b) bouncing it off your chest. Form is always priority number 1! Remember: If you're not training with good form, you're probably not even training the correct muscle

Myth 6 - You must change your rep ranges depending on if you're bulking up or cutting

Regardless of your goal, your goal inside the gym when weight training is to always improve your muscles. This doesn't change, neither should your rep range. Remember: higher reps with lower weight whilst dieting will likely lead to more muscle loss

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