Not seeing the weight loss results you'd like? Well if you're considering taking a fat burning supplement... Let’s take a look at some of the facts the supplement companies aren’t telling you…

I’ll be honest, in the last 10 years I’ve taken my fair share of fat burners & about 8 years ago (as a keen 20 year old gym bro) I’d have probably told you “you’re an idiot if you don’t take fat burners when you’re trying to burn fat”

What a twat

So did I burn fat when taking fat burners? Hell yeah. But I was also training 5 days a week, eating well & doing cardio daily (I hate cardio), so no shit I lost weight

The sad thing is, I’d give my fat burners the credit when somebody would notice my results “I’m taking these sick fat burners, you NEED to try them”, not the fact I was working my ass off every day

More. Fool. Me.

What is fat loss?

Before we discuss fat burners, it's important you understand what fat loss actually is

Fat loss, in it’s simplest form is just the body using it’s reserved energy (body fat) to function. It’s a survival thing. We get energy from food & we use that energy to survive

Why would the body need to use fat for energy? Because we haven’t consumed enough calories (energy). It’s that simple. Weight loss will always resort back to energy balance. Whether you're taking a fat burner is irrelevant

Calories out > calories in = weight loss

So what are fat burners?

Fat burners are a BIG deal in the supplement world, I mean with a name like ‘fat burners’ they’re going to be. Their name literally describes the golden magical pill we’ve all been looking for to get our ‘dream body’ with minimal effort

The USA reportedly spends $2.1billion per year on fat burners. Considering 2/3 of their population is now classed as overweight, I’m not convinced the magic pills are working

In the real world… They’re just a supplement that claim to burn body fat, but if you actually read the bottle it will also say something along the lines of “when used with a calorie controlled diet & exercise programme”, seriously

Fat burners have a whole bunch of ingredients, but only 1 of them actually does anything & it’s hardly anything fancy - it’s caffeine

Caffeine actually does support the benefits that fat burners claim (minimally at best, may I add), but caffeine is cheap. You can pick up a tub of caffeine tablets that will last you 6 months for like a fiver (£5), but if you stick a whole bunch of other non-sense in the capsule & call them fat burners? You can charge £30+ for about a months supply

*Most fat burners use a shed load of caffeine, so if you’re sensitive or consume lots already, please be careful

So why do people use them?

Supplement companies will use fancy words such as; Thermogenesis (makes you warmer), increased lipolysis (breakdown of fat) to hook you in

Then they’ll sell you the dream of reducing your hunger levels & reducing food cravings whilst at the same time boosting your metabolism

So this is why people buy & use them, because they sound fucking fabulous

The problem with fat burners?

They don’t do shit. Well, that’s not entirely true - they make you sweat like a (insert offensive joke here) and make you feel wired, like you’ve been up to something you shouldn’t have in a nightclub toilet. Not ideal in the office, or anywhere, unless you’re into that crazed, sweaty look?

Moral of the story? Don’t waste your time with fat burners. If you want a bit of a boost? Just drink a coffee, like you probably do anyway

They're better at burning your cash than your body fat

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